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Reliability. Consistency. Quality. Performance. At SK siltron css, we build these qualities into all our products, from silicon carbide ingots and wafers, to epitaxy wafers. As a vertically integrated SiC material manufacturer with operations worldwide, we provide solutions around the globe that improve costs, efficiency, durability and overall device performance.

Our industry-leading substrate grading structure sets a higher standard for specifying tolerances and gives your team greater control and flexibility купить фонарик на аккумуляторе. We work with your design team to customize their SiC material solution in a way that optimizes the performance and cost of their next-generation device design.

Check out our products and specifications and let us earn your trust and be your first source for power electronics substrates:

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As transportation, energy and industrial markets evolve, demand for reliable, high-performance power electronics grows. Silicon carbide-based (SiC) devices are better suited for high currents and high voltages than traditional materials. They also operate at higher temperatures тактичні рукавиці купити. These characteristics make SiC devices ideal for the next generation of hybrid and electric vehicles, industrial applications, and renewable-power generation and distribution.

If you are an SiC power device manufacturer seeking the high performance and reliability required for advanced power electronics systems, you need the highest quality substrate crystals and epitaxy купить мультитул. SK siltron css is your source for power electronics substrates.

As a vertically integrated SiC manufacturer, we develop innovative SiC solutions that improve cost, efficiently, durability and performance of your advanced devices.

Our Prime Grade SiC materials enable design and volume manufacturing of a broad range of SiC power electronics devices with highly targeted performance and cost profiles постельное белье купить. The Prime Grade SiC portfolio comprises a range of innovative SiC material solutions for power electronics manufacturing that deliver consistent, reliable quality. These include:

SiC Wafers

SiC Epitaxial Wafers

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We look forward to putting our materials expertise, application knowledge and processing experience to work for you постельное белье купить. To tell us about your performance, design and manufacturing challenges and learn more about how we can help you, contact us at