Renewable energy

Optimal for Sustainable Technologies

Technology innovation is vital to a future in which renewable energy is the world’s main energy source. Silicon carbide (SiC) plays an important role in this effort. Our SiC wafers are used in a variety of power electronics devices that support sustainable energy sources:

  • Inverters for delivering energy from photovoltaic arrays to the electric grid
  • Converters to harness wind energy generated by wind turbines
  • Heat exchangers to concentrate solar energy for power plants and electric vehicles
  • Power rectifiers (AC to DC), conditioning, correction, management, and etc, etc.

We Can Handle the Heat

Using chips made from our SiC wafers and substrates help ensure your renewable energy products operate at optimal levels. That’s because, as a wide-bandgap material, SiC holds physical and electrical properties that make it a natural for meeting the performance demands of high-frequency power applications.

When compared with silicon, SiC-based chips can handle higher temperatures (up to 400°C) and voltages (>10X) while delivering better power efficiency. This allows for a broader implementation of renewable-energy systems that reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, which is critical to our sustainable future.

Investing Today for a Better Tomorrow

As a leading global wafer manufacturer, we are committed to investing in the development of SiC materials for renewable-energy applications. Our SiC wafers, epitaxial wafers and ingots deliver the quality, performance and reliability you need to realize the design, functionality and effectiveness of your processes and devices. A sustainable future through clean energy is a goal we all share.