Discover New Possibilities

Universities, governments and corporations—private and public—conduct research to help identify better ways to move society forward. We collaborate closely with many of these organizations on these projects and provide them with SiC materials.

R&D Through SiC

The possibilities for implementing SiC-based chips are limited only by the imagination and initiative of engineers and researchers. Around the globe, researchers are exploring the benefits SiC to find brand new uses and breathe new life into older applications or functions that are past their prime.

Building on Our Capabilities

By investing strategically, we maximize our R&D and production capabilities and increase our market presence in expanding technology areas.  We’ve made sure SK Siltron CSS Prime Grade SiC wafers and substrates are available in a variety of wafer sizes and tolerances to give you a range of options for your product and technology development.

How Can We Help You?

Looking for a research partner, or for SiC substrates for your research project? Contact us now. We’d love to learn about what you need and how we can help.