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SK siltron css facility


Driving SiC wafer technologies to enable power and RF semiconductor devices that are critical to efficiency, sustainability and connectivity


Transform the world through sustainable compound semiconductor solutions

About Us

At SK siltron css, we provide the global compound semiconductor industry with a reliable source of leading-edge, production-proven, high-crystal, quality silicon carbide (SiC) wafers and epitaxy services.

Our SiC technology and manufacturing expertise extends from crystal growth through wafer fabrication and epitaxy. We focus our R&D efforts on finding environmentally friendly solutions using renewable energy and sustainable manufacturing practices. Our latest-generation, wide-bandgap semiconductor materials are designed to help customers meet global demands for improved environmental sustainability, increased electricity demand and higher energy efficiency.

Drawing on decades of experience providing SiC materials and products, we continue to grow and double our capacity year over year. As a dedicated materials supplier, we focus on providing wafers and materials for critical compound semiconductor applications. We do not make devices or compete with our customers. We are backed by the resources and purchasing power of SK siltron.

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SK siltron css is a subsidiary of SK siltron, which is part of SK Group, based in South Korea. As part of a broader SK conglomerate, we also have access to global perspectives and resources that help us fulfill our vision for each of the markets we enter.

About SK Siltron

Founded in 1983, SK siltron pioneers next-generation semiconductor device innovation based on world-class technology, specializing in manufacturing silicon wafers, which are a key part of the semiconductor process. The company partners with global semiconductor manufacturers to supply leading-edge wafers for research.

Due to a high technological barrier to entry, only a few companies in the world manufacture silicon wafers. Most are based in Japan and Germany. SK siltron is the only Korean company that supplies global producers with advanced solutions that achieve defect-free crystals, 20nm size particle control and extremely flat surface control.

To maintain global leadership in semiconductor development and manufacturing, SK siltron is committed to competitive innovation, and invests in infrastructure and talent.

By enhancing process equipment performance, boosting efficiency in manufacturing lines and reducing raw materials’ cost, SK siltron aims to help customers achieve yield and quality improvements and increase cost competitiveness.

About SK Group

Based in Korea, SK Group operates more than 120 businesses across the energy, life sciences, advanced materials, mobility and semiconductor industries. Its goal is to uncover and support the unexpected, novel opportunities that form the backbone of our global society and transform the human experience.

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