Automotive & Mobility

The Future is Electric and Moving

The electric vehicle (EV) and mobile technology industries are growing rapidly. The demand for electric vehicles is climbing. In addition, people want to access broadband wireless connectivity virtually anywhere–whether stationary or on the move.

To realize our future, we must meet EV and mobility market demands for more chips, devices, and systems. And we must do it using the power and efficiency of silicon carbide-based electronics, which is fast becoming the standard.

SiC Is Leading the Charge

It starts with us. Power electronics built on our high-quality silicon carbide (SiC) substrate and epitaxial wafers are helping to fuel the future of EVs and charging stations. As the demand for EVs grows, manufacturers are looking for the right material properties to deliver the best efficiencies in power electronic device development. SiC provides lower power consumption than other materials and offers high-temperature resistance while supporting thinner designs. It’s just what the EV device engineer needs. From powertrains to power converters to LED lighting to charging stations, SiC-based devices are leading the charge.

Enabling Mobility To Go

People want to take their internet connections with them. Everywhere. On land, in the air and at sea, today’s technologies make unparalleled access possible in so many places. And those places are expanding at a rapid rate.

SiC substrates address areas and issues that stretch beyond the capabilities of traditional silicon substrates. Power usage and conversion, efficiencies and reduced costs are enabling technology advancements in a wide array of applications.

At SK siltron css, we have the knowledge, expertise and know-how to deliver SiC substrates that will help you realize the design, functionality and effectiveness of your processes and devices to help people on the go stay connected and go farther.