We Do One Thing

At SK siltron css, we focus exclusively on providing our customers with wafers and substrates for critical compound semiconductor applications. We don’t make devices and we don’t compete with our customers. Instead, we put decades of experience and know-how into silicon carbide (SiC) materials and products that drive the following critical industries forward.  

Automotive & Mobility

The electric vehicle and mobile connectivity markets are growing rapidly, and the power and efficiency of SiC-based electronics is fast becoming the standard. Click here to learn more.

Renewable Energy

Renewables are on track to be the main source of our energy supply.  Advancing renewable energy technology takes ideas and innovation ghostwriter österreich. SiC wafers are playing a role. Click here to learn more.


Traditionally, industrial and mass transit markets use significant energy and create tons of waste. SiC materials are helping companies in these areas gain power ghostwriter, increase efficiency, reduce waste and lower costs. Click here to learn more.

RF & Communications

Advanced radio frequencies were once only used in government and military applications убакс. Today, they touch everyone every day through their phones, tablets and 5G networks ліхтар. SiC is helping deliver these solutions as well as the newest advancements in RF communications. Click here to learn more.


Universities, governments and corporations—private and public—conduct research to help identify better ways to move society forward перчатки тактичні. We collaborate closely with many of these organizations on these projects and provide them with SiC materials. Click here to learn more.