Social Value

Incorporating Social Value Is a Choice

Society is undergoing profound change through technological advancements and scientific innovation. We need new paradigms to better understand the relationship between business and society. We can no longer focus exclusively on our customers, employees and shareholders; we must also consider our impact on the global community. We call this Social Value, and it has four main components:

The Social Enterprise Ecosystem

We view social enterprises as highly specialized and effective organizations that can be vehicles for solving social problems. We believe that for-profit companies play an integral role in these solutions as a driving force to ensure the sustainability of these entities so that they generate significant social value.

The Double Bottom Line

We believe the concept of corporate social responsibility is an outdated, passive value driver and must be superseded by a business model that integrates the importance of financial returns and social impact. In this forward-thinking model, both objectives are mutually reinforced and grown simultaneously and steadily. Our Double Bottom Line is the embodiment of this approach.

The Shared Infrastructure

To maximize social value, we are challenging the assumptions behind modern business models. We believe shared infrastructure models with a range of external stakeholders will generate innovative solutions that address clearly identified social and business needs.

The Social Value Community

We recognize the importance of making a collective impact and mobilizing the resources and competencies of our people and external stakeholders to address complex social needs. To that end, we established a social value community to discuss social issues, increase social awareness and maximize social value output.

SK Foundations

We support SK’s nonprofit organizations, which are dedicated to uplifting the common good of our shared communities. We endeavor to create a world that is improved by our collective activities every day.

SK Foundations include:

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Global Sites