RF & Communications

RF on the Rise

Advanced radio frequencies were once only used in government and military applications. Today, RF technology touches everyone, every day, through our mobile phones, tablets and 5G networks. SiC is helping to deliver these solutions, as well as the newest advances in RF communications.

Setting the Standard

Wireless 5G networks need RF power amplifiers that are designed to run optimally on high-frequency bands. Wide-bandgap semiconductors built on SiC are ideally suited to deliver superior performance for these high-frequency power applications.

SiC semiconductors take power electronics in batteries and sensors to the next level, enabling 5G phones and tablets that communicate using advanced 5G networks.

Using our SiC wafers and substrates, you can develop chips with the small footprint, high functionality, low heat consumption and fast switching needed for today’s communication devices—all capabilities that SiC deliver more efficiently and at lower costs than silicon alone.

The Future Is Calling

Ultra-fast networks demand a great deal of power and performance, especially from transmitting stations and other infrastructure components. In the future, SiC-based devices will be used to speed up smartphone recharging. They will also make it possible for data server farms to process massive volumes of data.

Whether your needs are immediate or future-driven, SK siltron css Prime Grade SiC wafers and substrates can answer the call.