Powering a Cleaner Industrial Complex

Traditionally, industrial and mass transit markets use significant energy and create tons of waste. SiC materials for power electronics are helping companies in these industries continue to operate at high power with better efficiency, reduced waste and lower costs.

Keeping the Gears of Industry Moving

Semiconductors are deployed in a wide range of industrial applications. Prime examples include factory automation, industrial and mass transportation, as well as construction, mining and agriculture.

As a maker of equipment and systems for these markets, we know you need power electronics designed using chips that can function reliably at very high currents, voltages and temperatures. Devices using SiC chips are the optimal choice for these conditions.

We Do the Heavy Lifting

Our SiC wafers and substrates are ideal for handling the operational demands of many industrial applications. Our Prime Grade portfolio of SiC wafers and epitaxial wafers is available in three sizes and three product tiers of increasingly tighter tolerances.

Whether your application calls for Schottky diodes, pin switches or high-current, high-voltage IGBTs—essential for motor drives and power supplies for heavy equipment—SiC-based devices can meet your needs. And because systems using SiC require less-complex designs, you can develop them more cost-effectively without sacrificing performance.